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Every month our friendly staff picks out three new discoveries for you to explore!
What’s on this month? Have a look below.
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Compete in our tombola and it might be your lucky day. 
As if the wines weren’t enough, we’re throwing in a Kanon sweater & bag!

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3. Sit back

A new year full with new dreams, hopes, ambitions and.. fine drinks!
At ’t Kanon we’re constantly on the look-out for new wine cellars, amazing brewers, distillers, roasters and other passionate people to collaborate with.
In that journey we often stumble upon new, rare or undiscovered gems.
Stuff for the diggers upon us, and things we like to share with you!

Kicking things off with three wines, all with a completely different palete.
Try them by the glass or enjoy a bottle with friends!


Partida Creus SM Sumos Tinto

A beauty from the loved ones over at A Taste Affair!
Ghent represent!

Sumoll is a red grape native to Penedès, here given the Partida treatment. That generally means the wine has life, vibrancy and is generous with the pleasure-factor. Sumoll is a dark, thick-skinned varietal that is capable of making some very heavy, tannic red wines. Here a certain freshness prevails, but the fruit has a lovely dank, sappy depth to it, with plenty of spices coming through to finish. A bit of time in barrel rounds it out nicely without overpowering the wine. A delicious, decidedly Mediterranean affair.

Edgar Brutler’s 'SISU' Pet Nat

Did you ever tried a wine from Transylvania?
No? Let’s make it a date tonight?
This is a classic Pét-nat made from 100% Grünspitz. Super limited, but a completely unique pét-nat made from a super high acid and thick-skinned grape.

Pesecka Leanka’s Skin
(white / orange)

Thanks again team Holass for al the beauty’s they’re bringing over to our Lowlands!
A white/orange (skin, remember?) wine full of aroma, floral notes, ripe and spicy citrus fruits. Low in alcohol, this orange wine is therefore not bitter but very playful and aromatic. Just how we love them!